August 4th- WEAR OBAMA GEAR!!!!!

This email and post is for all of us America who were so political this time two years ago when President Obama was running for office, but allowed themselves to fall back into the trap of letting other people speak for them politically.

Reader submitted email:

"Since his historic election, President Obama has been inundated with a barrage of venomous criticism. From the first cries calling for the failure of his administration by Vitter and Limbaugh to the media critique of his handling of the BP oil spill, his critics are unequivocal in telling us that he can do no right.

In the face of contrary evidence, “Birthers” rant that the President is not a US citizen and should be removed from office. Once closed by Senator Barry Goldwater, the “father” of modern conservatism, the Republican leadership has opened the doors of their party to the John Birch Society and other reactionary extremists. With cries of wanting to “take back OUR country” and “we want OUR America back,” the Tea Partiers clearly tell us that there is no room for his (The President’s) kind in their America– at least not in a position of leadership or Presidential Authority. Who remembers someone ever disrespectfully calling out “You Lie!” to either of the Bushes, Reagan, Ford or Nixon in the chambers of the US House of Representatives or someone openly carrying a loaded weapon to one of their political events?

For years our borders have been as porous as cheesecloth, but suddenly critics tell us the Administration is failing to live up to its responsibility to quell the flow of immigrants from our southern border. Without questioning the impact of our non-existent northern border on illegal immigration, reactionary responses from municipal to state governments tell us that if “Obama won’t do anything, we’ll stop these Mexicans from coming here.”

Living up to expectations, the actions of Fox News have denigrated from constant criticism of President Obama to their appeal, by the likes of Beck, to the basest elements in society to “revolt” against theoppressor Obama or to “spill the blood of tyrants to water the tree of Liberty .” Disappointingly, most mainstream media just turned its attention and focus to President Obama’s critics, while excluding a balanced assessment of the political landscape.

That having been said, there are millions out here who support the reasoned and measured approach of the President. We understand from the evidence he presents daily that he has an extraordinary, almost encyclopedic understanding of issues impacting this nation and the world. We see him lauded by his peers around the world as a “thinker” or as a no-nonsense leader who understands, and can articulate, the positions of friends and adversaries alike. While not addressing or achieving goals the way the media “puppeteers” would choose, HE GETS THE JOB DONE!!!

An overwhelming number of Americans elected President Obama and millions still support him, but too many of us do so silently. If the progressive agenda we elected the President to achieve is to be successful, we must help the President achieve it. We cannot allow the media to report from negative positions without challenge. Just as others demonstrate their hatred and disrespect of President Obama, we must actively demonstrate our support.

We call on ALL who support President Obama to take action. On August 4th, the President’s birthday, we ask those who support him to wear any campaign item from the Presidential election as a demonstration of our ongoing support. Bring out your old campaign paraphernalia.

If you don’t have caps, buttons or tee shirts, wear a red, white, and blue tri-color ribbon or clothing on August 4th. If nothing else, this simple demonstration of support for our President will provide a counteraction to the negativity that spews forth daily. We can do this. YES WE CAN. YES WE WILL.

In the unlikely story that is America , there's never been anything false about hope.
~Barack Obama

Shout out to future lawyer and friend Bishop for the email.