Lunchbox Theory, YEBies, and The Great Progression.. Present: BODY BEAT Pool Party

This Saturday at the Donovon House Rooftop in DC, we will be throwing a pool party featuring 4 incredible DJs from 2pm - 9pm. Its not often you get a chance to party for 7 hours to great music with a amazing mix of people and for FREE!!!!!! Yeah I said it, its a FREE event. All we ask is that you bring swimwear and a great attitude. If you have ever been to any Yebies, Lunchbox Theory, or DC to BC / The Gee Pee events then you already know what's about to go down. If you haven't, please brace yourself for a epic time. This event is not for the stunntas, ballas, or the bougie crowd, but in fact for the complete opposite. There will be no bottles poppin', making it rain, or buying the bar out. This is where you can party, build, network, or just chill all while in a nice venue with an astonishing soundtrack. This will be the greatest mix of people you have been around in a while, and you will love it and us for that very reason. There is a money back guarantee to those who don't enjoy themselves, but we honestly don't see ourselves paying a red cent. So come one, come all and don't forget its a pool party so you might will get WET!!!!!

For more info please go HERE

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