Daydreaming (WAKE UP)...

I dream of the day when black fathers will be free
to pursue the American dream and take care of their responsibilities!
I dream of the day when black mothers will believe
that their children deserve a fighting chance at life’s greatest possibilities!

I dream of the day when grade school education will be universally equal,
and even the kids of Barak Obama would go to D.C. Public Schools;
of the day when we truly believe that this City’s children are our future
and adequately enrich them with the necessary tools.

I dream of the day when men will truly be judged
by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin;
I dream of the day when a woman will choose her mate, based on more than just his “genes” or the depths of the pockets within.

I dream of a day when I find true love,
deeper than most people have ever known;
a timeless connection with a soul-mate that God made just for me
to have and to hold and forever call my own.

I dream of the day when justice will prevail,
Truth will unveil, and Love will concur all;
when crime will end, there will be no need for lawyers to defend,
and all will be peaceful and well!

I dream of the day when my city will truly be clean, of trash and debris,
drugs, homelessness, and disease; of dirty politics and even dirtier inequity.

I dream of the day when I can do what I love the most,
get these school loans off my back, and still earn a livable wage;
the day when I can maintain a rooftop loft overlooking the Nation’s Capital, 
in exchange for writing meaningful words on a page.

I dream of the day when all these dreams
will become my reality,
Of a day when all my people will find the courage
to live FREE: boldly and transparently!

I dream of the day when I will become the change that I claim I want to see,
But the only way that day will come, is if I STOP DREAMING, WAKE UP, & BE!

- Shwanda T. Harris aka SdotGoodlife