Generation Undetermined (REBEL!!!!!

Killing each other not for the pursuit of happiness but the pursuit of dead old white men

So we will turn on our brother and sisters and closest friend

Forced to live in the world’s capital with capitalist without any capital

So as I watch the world change before my eyes

It makes me realize that sometimes the truth is made out of lies

People twist facts and put on acts just to see what they can pull in and attract

Forced feed bullshit through a narrow tube that often clogs our passive of hope Told to measure a yard with only a couple inches of rope See we are given dreams but only get one night to see it And then often get even less time to achieve it See for many of us, one lifetime isn't enough Especially when you have it rough and are told "suck it up and just be tough" In this world we are sold Rockwells and wedding bells Told to take our daughters to ride the carousels But for many of us to get this others have to end up in jail cells Trying so hard to get their acceptation Not seeing that we lose our need affection Got us heading in the wrong direction While all these actions scream out for attention All these things make me want to ask questions Has our generation's dream been deferred? Or are we on a detour, That leads to seashore, where we all will drown? Have we accepted or turned our backs on our purpose as a generation? Where have we gone since the end of the old segregation? Do we even know what the purpose is? Sometimes I wonder if we even care Each race that comes here, raises to another level so why have we been here longer then most but have nothing to show for it? We say we don’t have plains or boats or even the Spanish connections But we do have the choice to say no and make huge corrections They don’t make us use the drugs or sell them to our neighbors next door They not making us shop and buy everything from their stores We need to stop pointing the finger and take a long look in the mirror A lot of us would hate what we see and would be filled with terror But that is you and if you don’t like that image, stop what the hell you doing and make a change As a people there is nothing that we can’t accomplish so don’t ever think your goals are out of range We have to start by being the true masters of our own destiny or we will continue to raise the mass destruction of our race and nation of people They say no man is an island but as a people we are often isolated So we must continue to fight the power so we don’t end up stagnated If you don’t like the laws, rebel, it’s our right If you don’t agree with the government, rebel, we are allowed to fight Their forefathers gave us this option when wrong is being presented as right So REBEL, REBEL, REBEL, REBEL, REBEL, from sun up until the coming of the night

- D.F. Kawah