Is America Ready For Bucky Raw(@buckyraw215) & "Hipco" ?

Hipco ("Co" for short) is a uniquely Liberian genre of music where artist "rap" in a mixture of english and Liberian slang telling stories of life in LIberia. For years it has been the sound of Liberia’s once war torn youth and forgotten population. Like Hip Hop before it, in its purest form Hipco is socially and politically concussions music that's able to make people move and dance.  

After years of many artist including the Godfather of Hipco Luckay Buckay trying to take this sound to the outside of just Liberia and its diaspora, the right MC might be here to take Hipco mainstream. 

Bucky Raw is a Liberian MC from Philly by way of Nimba and he has bars! Raw who is fluent in his local Liberian dialect, raps both with an American accent and his local Liberian tongue. With the ability to go back and forth between accents while telling his stories about his previous life during the civil war and current in SW Philly, Bucky is not your average Hipco or Hip Hop artist.

To learn more about Bucky Raw head to his Facebook page here

Instagram: Buck Raw
Twitter: Buckyraw