Black History Month Photo Challenge (#YEBiesPC)

We are back at it again for another month of amazing and creative photos celebrating the incredible history and accomplishments of people of the African Diaspora. For those who don't know how our previous challenges worked, let's refresh your mind:

For every day in February, there is a corresponding word or phrase that tells you what type of photo to post on Instagram, Twitter, FacebookTumblr, VSCO,  and/or any other photo service you may use. Use the hashtag #YEBiesPC when posting pictures to add it to the challenge feed. You can use the same hashtag to see what other pictures are being posted as part of this month-long challenge. At the end of the month, we will select 5 people who have been consistently posting pictures to receive gifts from us. Let's make this a month of epic photos where the history of the African Diaspora is at the forefront.

Hit us up on Twitter (@YEBIES) if you have any questions. Enjoy a month of amazing photos. Can't wait to see what you guys capture!