Brasil: DNA Africa 5 Part Documentary Series

The upcoming documentary series Brasil: DNA Africa tries to reconnect modern day Brazilians with their African roots. Most people around the world don't know or realize that for nearly 400 years Brazil received over 5 million enslaved Africans, which was the greatest forced migration in the history of mankind.

Produced by the Sao Paolo-based CineGroup, the five-episode project (which is still in post-production and being added too) will aim to trace the African roots of Afro-Brazilians using DNA testing, as well as explore the influence that the arrival of African slaves had on the arts, religion, food, and formation of the Brazilian people. The premise of the series is that 150 Afro-Brazilian subjects from 5 different Brazilian states were DNA tested by African Ancestry and 5 were chosen to journey to the countries of their ancestors.

The series director and writer Carlos Albert Jr., hopes his documentaries will “restore the links broken by slavery.”

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