#BooknBrunch Recap


The Alchemist, Black Girl in Paris, The Book Thief and Into Thin Air were just a few of the books presented, discussed and exchanged at the recent Yebies’ Knowledge Reigns Supreme Book Club event, Books N Brunch. The event took place at Old Engine 12 Restaurant, a historical firehouse that had been converted into a modern restaurant serving traditional American brunch, lunch and dinner classics, while maintaining the charm of an old DC firehouse. The event also took place only 24 hours after the historical, 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March (#JusticeorElse) that was held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Saturday afternoon.


The purpose of the event was to foster and generate conversations not only about the books that had been brought to the table (literally), but more importantly, to create conversations about some of the very relevant and pertinent societal issues that we are confronted with in real life that may have also been illustrated in our chosen books. Although it is common that conversations about some of the issues that plague our society are often held between like-minded individuals who share similar beliefs, this event allowed for individuals of all walks of life to dine at the same table and discuss issues that affect us all both negatively and positively in our daily lives.


The food was remarkable and included items such as veggie lasagna, steak & eggs, polenta & brisket and firewood baked breakfast and traditional pizzas. The drinks never stopped flowing and neither did the laughter nor the thought-provoking conversation. The venue was a very large, open-concept seating area with a private bar and plenty of seating. The music was provided by Yebies Director of Music local DJ, Lamin Sherman, so the theme and purpose of the function was never lost or forgotten.

At the end of the event, everyone left feeling full and intellectually satisfied after exchanging their favorite books and leaving with new ones knowing that their participation in such an event as this one provided monetary aid to West African youth who are yearning to have some of the same conversations but are limited by their financial and educational resources. What better way to contribute to a very positive cause while dining with new and old friends and family while discussing societal and literary topics.

Hope to see you at the next one!