30 for 30: Benji

17-year-old Ben Wilson was a symbol of everything promising about Chicago in 1984. He had just come off of an incredible summer where he was named America's top high school basketball prospect. Nicknamed "Magic Johnson with a jump shot", Wilson went to Simeon and was tragically killed in November 1984, the day before his senior season began.

Below is a link to a great article by Scoop Jackson that goes along with this tragic tale. I hate how this type of story still gets told far too often in our inner cities. What will we learn from this film as a society? When will the senseless black-on-black violence stop? How can Chicago end the continual cycle of young men of color dying before their prime? When will we get harder on gun control? These and many other questions need answers, but who is truly ready to create the answers we need.


Scoop's ESPN article on Benji  / Movie Link