Oddisee's "People Hear What They See" Album Release Event


People Hear What They See is an album about our reluctance to look beneath the surface at the truth which lies beneath. 

Rappers are generally in the business of storytelling, but whether those stories are true or not, it is often a sidenote. “People Hear What They See” is Oddisee’s debut full-length album, and its key concern is honesty - honesty with yourself, with what you tell the world, and the relationships people have with each other. The title came from a feeling that most of the time, we’re content with not looking or listening beneath the surface for the truths which lie beneath.

You can download Oddisse's People Hear What They Seeon iTunes here.

"I produced this album with little to no samples. I've always dreamed of producing a record with live instrumentation with the desire to bring it to life on stage. With bass, keys, guitar, drums & synth in my band, I'm sure anyone in attendance will hear what they see" - Oddisee


Date: Thursday 21st, 2012

Time: 8pm-10:30pm


Montserrat House

2016 9th Street NW

Washington DC 20001

Admission is FREE!!!

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