Remembering Ernie Barnes


It has been three years since legendary artist Ernie Barnes passed away. I often still come across his work and get that awful reminder that he's no longer with us. He was a man whose work was more famous then his name. Initially known for his skills in the NFL on the football field, Barnes was able to make a smooth transition to life after football through his passion for the arts. His national traveling “Beauty of the Ghetto” exhibition in the 1970s, featured some of his most timeless works which included; “Storyteller,” “High Aspirations” and “The Graduate.” His famous 1971 “Sugar Shack” dance scene appeared on the “Good Times” television show and on the Marvin Gaye album I Want You. I always said when I got my dream home, I would get my basement walls covered with a mural of his work. Please visit his website to learn more about this incredible man