Tight Jeans: The Short Film [Video]


It's always great to see YEBIES across the global creating and producing amazing products that get embraced not only by our community but also by those who don't always understand our story. This short film by Destiny Ekaragha of the UK is a great example of this. Winner of The London Rushes Soho Film Festival Awards for "Best Newcomer" in 2009, Tight Jeans was Ekaragha's debut film.

TIGHT JEANS is a light comedy that touches on modern attitudes towards other cultures. It explores the ignorance we tend to have towards one another, sometimes without even realizing it.

Three black teenagers are becoming frustrated while waiting for their friend. A young white lad walks past wearing super tight jeans. The boys look on until one of them asks the pivotal question, "How can a man wear jeans that tight?" This sparks a hilarious debate about race and culture.


  • Selected and granted funding as one of the 6 short films to represent Lewisham, Southwark & Lambeth Film and Arts Councils in association with Film London.
  • Premiered at and was voted Best Short Film at the Times BFI 52nd London Film Festival by the Observer newspaper.
  • Won Best Newcomer Award at The London Rushes Soho Film Festival 2009,
  • Runner up status at the Buffalo San Black and Asian Film Festival 2008
  • Official Selection at The Pan African Film Festival 2009 in Los Angeles,
  • Africa in the Picture Film Festival in Amsterdam
  • The Athens 15th International Film Festival.
  • In March 2009 TIGHT JEANS was chosen as the "Download Film of the Month" by The BFI for their members.
Daniel Kawah