[VIDEO] How To Make It In America: Episode 1

I know this series debuted on HBO last february, but I decided to start posting this series on here for those who missed it for 3 reasons;

1) The theme around YEBies this year is entrepreneurship and this show is all about that idea. They may not execute all to well but their hearts are always in the right place.

2) Watching this show we all can see some Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon in us and there's nothing better then watching shows with characters you can relate to.

3) How to Make it in America got renewed for a second season and HBO should be releasing the showtimes very soon.

So if you're on the east coast and are dealing with this snow like I am, sit back and enjoy this 1st episode of  How To Make It In America.


Economics, VideoDaniel Kawah