Michael Wilbon Done At The Washington Post

This past tuesday, the great Michael Wilbon wrote his last column for my hometown Washington Post. For so many Washingtonians, Wilbon was a voice that we fell in love with over the years. Weather you agreed or disagreed with his statements, he always expressed his point of views very clear without seeming to preach to us. When I found out he was black, my fascination only grew for the writer. When I entered middle school my dad got me a subscription to the post so I could read Wilbon's columns on a more regular basis. Even when I was away from the area for college I would periodically go on the post's site and read his stuff. We were truly blessed to have him write for us over the pass 30 years in DC. Since the takeoff of his show PTI with fellow Washington Post writer Tony Kornheiser, I knew this day would eventually come. Now that he will be on ESPN fulltime, the rest of the country will get to see the guy I was able to read for so many years. Good luck with your future at ESPN and for your years at the post, I say job well done Mr Wilbon. You can read Wilbon's final column in its entirety HERE.

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