Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality

The internet has been an open network since its creation which works on the principle of net neutrality and an open market. The on going debate is whether or not it should be regulated like the other mass media (Cable TV and Phone Companies). With our current system there are laws set up against many illegal activities but because its so hard to regulate, its difficult for the authorities to catch offenders. The are people who believe that a complete regulation is needed for the world wide web which will allow the most actuate information to be presented and elliminate a lot of the illegal activity on the net. Like all arguments, this one as well has two sides. Here are a few pros and cons of regulation of the internet.

Pros of Internet Regulation

A stringent internet regulation can help to curb the innumerable illegal activities over the net. Internet regulation will also help to prevent the large number of financial frauds, phishing, identity thefts, credit card thefts and many other illegal activities, which are possible because of the unregulated and unrestrained Internet activities. Although there exist several laws about child pornography or prosecutions of pedophiles, these issues are still rampant on the Internet. Internet regulation will also mean stringent policies over unjustified defamation.

Charging different rates for different sites can be compared to purchasing cable television, and this makes sense to a lot of the internet providers who also provide cable and phone services. Pay more to get more, right? Shouldn't bigger internet users pay more than the average user?

Cons of Internet Regulation

A complete takeover by the government or even other telecommunication giants could lead to violation of true net neutrality. With new regulation laws, the internet would lose its free market ideals and turn into "neo-communist" state. Internet regulation will also tend to limit the freedom of expression, which is perhaps one of the most remarkable factors that were instrumental in the success, popularity, and growth of this tool. It will allow certain websites to limit their content to paid customers. For years the Internet has been an open source of information. A stringent regulation policy will mean limited access to the extensive source of information.

Whether Internet regulation is good or bad might be a matter of debate and personal choice. This is just here to inform you and to show that this is a very important issue that will effect all of us one way or another.

PoliticsDaniel Kawah