The 16 Year Old Who Chose FAMU Over The Ivy League

Ralph Jones Jr. is a exceptional 16-year-old who graduated from High School early and could of gone to any college in the country. When faced with this tough decision, he chose Florida A&M University a historically black school over the Ivy League. He never thought he would have to deal with the negative reaction he received from across the country.

When a boy enters first grade at the age of 4 and high school at the age of 12, it’s a foregone conclusion that the child will end up at a Harvard or a Stanford or a Cornell. Right? Not if the boy is Ralph Jones Jr., a 16-year-old freshman at Florida A&M University who has received national attention in recent days for passing up opportunities at the 45 other schools that accepted him — including the prestigious institutions listed above — to attend the Tallahassee, Fla., HBCU

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