The Movie Character In Me...

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Every now and then there are characters in movies that you can really relate to. Sometimes its because you know someone who's just like that character and other times its because that character is you. In high school I was a mixture of "Big Mike", Jamal Wallace, and Quincy McCall or at least in my mind.  These days its more like Micheal Corleone or Huey Freeman mixed with weeks of feeling like (and even sounding like) Dap (get your black movie game up asap if you don't know who that is). However a lot of my recent moments before getting my shepherd on and counting sheep have been spent writing some pretty crazy and thought provoking stuff, even for me. For the longest I was the "poet"(and I use that term loosely) who couldn't write. It was such a task for me to physically write so I just kept bits and pieces of poems I would create in my head. It always felt like my hands could never keep up with how fast my mind would be working at those rare moments I would try to scribble down words. It got to the point where I had maybe 80% of all my poetry in my head. Last night while up late writing I popped in Love Jones and there I was, Darius Lovehall but without that whole Blues for Nina thing. I have always loved the movie but as I was writing I felt a new connection to the movie and Lovehall.  If you have been on here before or have looked around this blogspot, then I'm sure you have seen me post a piece or two of work I have done. Unless like most artists, I am not sensitive about my work. To me its just a way to get out ideas and thoughts to make room for new ones to be created. So here is a little piece of something new I have started but have yet to be complete.

Like wet ink from a signature, that's how new this
And what this is, is just the beginning of a journey
A journey were no one are drivers nor passengers
But with this passage, I hope u can understand what is coming with this package
See this package is a lil damaged, its been tossed around and even torn open on the edges
Opened but still very much closed to the outside world
A outside world full of beast that are just waiting for your guard to go down
And once its down, its down for the count like Foreman against Ali
But we all need to feel that to understand what it means to be free
Because freedom does come with a cost and many become lost with this discovery

To Be Continued...

Daniel Kawah