It's Our Anniversary...

So its been two years now since I created my first post on here. I had no idea it would have lasted this long honestly. Seeing the same type of blogs/sites all the time, I starved to do something a little different over here at Y.E.B. where my personal views and hardcore facts would come together and allow for discussions and debates to generate. I'm still not sure if that's what I have truly created but it was my initial plan. Over the last two years this blog along with the help of great friends and family has made me realize that a lot can be done with very little. So to the frequent and the occasional reader I say PEACE and Thank You for all your comments and feedback. To all others welcome to Y.E.B.and I hope you enjoy this movement.

The Website is still on its way and will be something we all will be proud about. "Nothing great was created in one day or night." I don't know where that quote is from but that's how I feel about my baby YEBies. Enjoy some pictures of  #YEBies out doing what we do.

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