"A Different World" Episode of The Week: Mammy Dearest

This episode touched on the history of  "mammies" (black nursemaids in the past, particularly during times of slavery) and how they were viewed in modern culture. The "mammies" were suppose to be a part of the art exhibit for their dorm dedication. The image however was not welcomed by all in the show. Whitley, Freddie and Mr. Gaines insisted that it is important to remember the role of these women in history. Kim tearfully confided in Mr. Gaines about a traumatic incident from her childhood that involved "mammies". Another issue that was covered during this show was that fact that blacks who were rich enough also owned slaves during colonial times. Whitley recommended that Lena should learn more about her heritage by reading slave journals and other information at the Gilbert Library. Lena's research uncovered the fact that Whitley's family owned slaves. The show ends with a great performance that shows the evolution of the African American woman.

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