New Elections in Niger???

Since the coup thursday thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Niger capital to celebrate the overthrow of the president and his government. Not everyone is as happy about these turn of events as the common Niger citizen however causing Niger to be suspended by the African Union. Most of the international community has been quick to condemn the coup. The leaders of the military coup in Niger have promised a "return to constitutional order", but its hard to believe for most of the outside world. Calling themselves the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, the coup leaders promised to turn Niger into an example of "democracy and good governance" and save its people from "poverty, deception and corruption". The last time Niger had a coup was in 1999, when the then military leader, Col Ibrahim Bare Mainassara, was assassinated but civilian rule was restored in a year. All the coup leaders intend to do is return Niger to democratic rule and then return to their normal military duties.