Happy 28th Lupe...

On this date in 1982 Fiasco was born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco in Chicago, Illinois. In some many ways I think Lupe embodies the current state of Black America. From his first major single, to his latest mixtape, Lupe has tried to stay true to self and community while still making great music. He teaches with each verse without being preachy and paints pictures with words more vivid then the Mona Lisa. He has been able to create verbal movies for us to imagine in your mind as listen to each new song. Each time I hear Lupe might retire I get upset because I know its not him but the industry that makes him feel that way. Like so many others I am patiently waiting the release of his next album "Lasers" which is suppose to be out by the summer. Until then I'll keep rocking out to the gems he has created thus far. So I'll end this post like he ends each show, "Peace, and much love to ya".

Here's some footage of Lupe @ Boston College last year with the homies Modi, Hil, and Theo.

[vimeo 4014208] [vimeo 4013911] [vimeo 3967537]