A Different World...

Being the YEB that I am, most of my DVDs and Tapes are of my favorite black movies and TV shows. Name it and I got it either retail or bootleg. Since I can remember I have been a gigantic fan of “A Different World”, and even though I hated the first season, I bought the DVD set in anticipation of getting Seasons 2-6. Where the hell is season 2??????? I have gone as far as YouTube and searching every torrent you can think of to get this set.

Season One Intro(which was the wackest one)

Viacom, who bought Ventura after it bought Urbanworks, will not only not release the Season 2 DVD of A Different World, it won't release Seasons 3-6 of the show either. Their excuse is that the poor sales of the Season One DVD is evidence that the show doesn't have a fan base. What the hell are they talking about? Who are they questioning? Have they seen season one, that was the worst of all the seasons. Umm, A Different World was a Top 5 show for five of the six years it was on the air from 1987-1993. Many HBCU's even credit this show along with Spike Lee's "School Daze" with increasing enrollments at HBCU's by 25% during the 90's. I know I wanted to go to a HBCU because of the show.

Everyone knows that it wasn’t until the seasons went on that the show got better and picked up. It actually began to have the flavor of an HBCU campus. Debbie Allen was not only drawing from her experiences at Howard University, she had the writing staff take an annual trip to Spelman College and talk to students, faculty and administrators about the issues they deal with.


The claim that there aren't enough A Different World fans to justify releasing seasons 2-6 of the show on DVD is some BS. It's funny how Seinfeld and Roseanne, Top 10 shows that were on during the same timespan as A Different World have been fully released on DVD, but a quality balck show that tackled some interesting topics back in the day such as teen pregnancy, date rape, homelessness, divesting from South Africa, Black history, interracial dating, HIV/AIDS, the Gulf War, and life after College isn't?