YEBies You Should Know....

The Fayetteville, North Carolina native J. Cole is a rapper you need to add to you iPod asap. I started listen to him because a friend of mines who went to NC A&T gave me his cd. It had some of his stuff on it but I didn't get to hear much of the cd because it was super scratched. So I did what everybody does now; I googled him and then checked him out on Myspace. Dude grew on me fast to say the least. Then I saw his "Dollar And A Dream2" at 2db and it was a wrap. That instantly became my anthem in so many ways. Like any good fan I started passing that track out to anybody who would listen. Each time I would get the same responses back, "Who did that dollar and a dream track?" or "That mix was tough, but that dollar and a dream joint goes so hard". At that point I knew it wasn't just me that felt the realness of that song.

Cole has already done a mixtape with DJ On Point titled "The Come Up" and is currently working on new material.

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Dollar And A Dream 2

Royal Flush Freestyle

"Song For the Ville" Studio Session

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