Moden Day Plantation...

Saigon has a new song about his life on his former label Atlantic Reords. Pretty deep song and message behind it...

Via OS :
Here goes Saigon on the track:

If anybody knows about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, that’s pretty much how Africans got to America. When they brought us on those ships that’s what it was called and it’s ironic that I ended up on Atlantic Records because they didn’t’ want to help me to help my people. I used to try to go up to the Black employees and try to make my case to them to them. They’d tell me they basically needed a sex songs and I’d tell them, “Dog, you got a daughter! Do you really want a song about me laying pipe? You want a song with me giving a bitch the business? How would you feel if your daughter was singing along?” The sad thing is they’d look at me with a jackass face.

Listen/Download: Saigon - Trans-Atlantic Slave Deal

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