The Wait...

What words can be said for me to stop feeling this way

How long will I hurt because of what happened on that day

Will I ever move on or will I forever be stuck here

I wonder if it's just me or do you also sill care

Thought I could move on but I keep coming back to this position

My heart is torn and beat longing to return to its original condition

I'm like a plant that's getting enough rain but now needs that sun to grow

That plant is slowing dying without that sun but the leaves don't even show

The world sees my leaves and thinks I'm strong and sturdy

I look pure and clean, never seeming to ever get dirty

I get light but its artificial, it's never real to me

I know the sun is out there but it's not shining, how long will this be

I'm not growing with these lights in fact they hurt me even more

They make me realize even better what I'm waiting for

People see my leaves and admire its boldness, strength, and hue

I look up at the sky full of clouds and continue to wait for you

- Vito


Prototype - Outkast

Video, MusicDaniel Kawah