Words from the soul...

A little something I wrote about relationships, from casual to serious ones. A examination of them and how they often go. I said something to a friend one day that everybody uses everybody and she looked at me crazy but in fact everybody does. Its reality, because on a daily bases you are trying to use somebody while someone else is using you. Weather positive or negative, you are still the used and the user in one form or another...

Round and Around We Go

The games that we play
The names that we say
Make the world go around every single day
Each actor, becoming a factor, in every single way
The distractions, that cause fractions, leading to life changing actions
Cracks that turn into leaks in the matter of weeks
Glares and stares make you realize nothing is truly as it appears
The truth still comes out flowing like water from facets
Building bodies from all the bones coming out the closets
Ghosts from the past finally came back at last
Face to face with the reality that your reality is not real at all
What was once unclear, now has you stuck here, with your hands up in the air
Because your daydreams became your reality and your reality became your nightmare
But this to shall pass over like so many other things that you used to hold so dare
And once again this same game we will play
Speaking out, this same name you will say
Making the world go around day after day
Wondering what role this new character will play in this play we call life.

By- D.F. Kawah
Daniel Kawah