Throwback tuesday...

Most of you that know me know that I have a love for old school rap. Rap from the golden years, before the deaths of tupac, biggie, and Big L. So I was thinking about what I could post today to start of the beginning of "Throwback Tuesdays". As I laid in bed and looked through my iPhone i saw this picture that I took down in Georgetown at one of my favorite spots last weekend. It was a big banner from Yo MTV raps. The light clicked in my head and it dawned on me that a lot of people my age don't remember it, let alone know what it was. For 7 years "YO" was the show that started the spread of rap/hip-hop into the homes of people all over the world. From Fab 5 Freddy to Ed Lover and Dre, the host of this show were as big as the MC's they often interviewed. This show was a gateway to stardom in the industry. For some like Snoop and Nas this show solidified them as stars in the game for that point on in their careers, and for others like Rakim and Kane it paid homage to those who laid down the ground work and had become legends in our culture. The freestyle sessions on here were classic and the outfits seen on here would be the ones to set trends for days to follow. Do you remember Karl Kani, Carhartt Jackets, Timberland Boots, and dudes around the hood wearing hockey jerseys like they even knew any player besides Wayne Gretzky or maybe Mario Lemieux.

Part 1 Of The Last Freestyle Session

Part 2 Of The Last Freestyle Session
If you get a chance look at some of the other videos people have posted. You can see early Snoop camera shy with Dr. Dre or Wu-Tang first coming on the scene with Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).