A little bit of this, A little bit of that

So the more and more I listen to music that keeps coming out, I'm reminded of how good we used to really have it in hip-hop. As I listen to verse after verse its hard to really hear these mcs without having a bias ear for what made me fall in love with her in the first place. So to those out there who still listen to lyrics and let the beats enhance the songs not carry them let me know what ur favorite verse of all time is. I know if you are like me this is a damn near impossible feat but give it a chance really think what verse would want to hear last if you found out you were going deaf tomorrow. On another note tonight at 9 on CNN there will be a great piece on being black in America. It is a two part series with tonight focusing on The Black Family and Women and tomorrow focusing solely on the Black man in America. I will really can't wait to see how CNN will spin this special. Seeing that I have been black in America my whole life, I really hope they do a good job and don't disgrace my people. Knowing that there is no true definition of a black American, there will be a great injustice done if all aspects of our lives here in America don't get showed.

Oh yeah my man Joe Buddens has just dropped a 3 part song called "Who". If you have a spare 15 mins or so to listen to a well put together song, this is definitely one to peep.

Listen - Joe Budden- Who (Full Version)