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Starting A YEBies in Your City is Simple.

All it takes is one person to be the City Director, and about 5-10 hours per month.


Six things you need


1. You have to live in the city you want to host events in.

2. You know of at least 8-10 persons of color in and around non-profits, social enterprises and education.

3. You need to recruit a second city director, so you can have back-up and a little help to start. Plus, two is better than one. Side note: we’d prefer that at least one of the two city directors be a woman of color.

4. You need 5 to 10 hours each month to organize the monthly meet up and happy hour. You’d be responsible for:

  • Point of contact for local "YEBi" at volunteer meet ups.

  • Finding and securing the venue for happy hour.

  • Arranging for a photographer or having someone take photos

  • Doing outreach to other communities, to help spread the word and get people to sign up for both events. Specifically, you would connect with groups and communities focused on diversity in social entrepreneurship and non-profits, minorities in education (teachers, administration, and policy makers), local high school and college students of color, LGBTQ people of color, HBCU and black college alumni associations, and women of color. Click here to read more about Do’s and Don’t for YEBIes Happy Hour Events.

  • After the event, uploading photos to google drive in a new folder in your city folder with the date, venue, and non-profit we worked with.

5. You need to buy a YEBies shirt (at a 50% discount for city directors) that you can wear to each event

6. You need to join a YEBies Team call with all of the other city directors once a month.

Ready to come onboard? Email Daniel at, and put “Starting a YEBies Tribe in [your city]” in the subject line.