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Do’s and Don’t for Happy Hour Events.



  • Do plan on hosting one meet up and happy hour event each month.

  • Do confirm every event (date and location) 25 to 30 days before the event.

  • Do try and find locations that are convenient.

    • Is there good parking? Is there public transportation?

    • Is it in a part of town that people live in?

  • Do try and get a dedicated space at the location (depending on the size of your group).

  • Do ask people from different companies to send out the event to their minority, inclusion, and diversity ’s lists.

    • Do you know people who work at big nonprofits, schools or districts, ngos or social enterprises? Most of them have minority/ diversity ERG (Employee Resource Group) lists, so they can send out the event to their list. Even if they’re small they might sent out the event to their staff.

  • Do send the event to relevant Facebook and Google groups. There are a few in the non-profit, social enterprise, and education world. You can also search groups that are relevant to your city.

  • Do send the event to relevant listservs. 

  • Do list the event on local event websites, event calendars and blogs.

  • Do find a photographer to take pictures during the event. Or at least bring your camera and take tons of photos during the event.

    • After the event share the photos with me on google drive and we’ll share them on Facebook and include them on the YEBies website.

  • Do wear your local YEBies t-shirt to the event.


  • Don’t work with the same organization for meet ups more than three months in a row.

  • Don't have the happy hour at the same place every month.

  • Don’t book the happy hour during another popular event; choose another day.

    • Make sure you’ve connected with leaders in your local non-profit, social enterprise, education, minority communities to you know when their events will be. And when you confirm an event you can email them with our date, so they don’t book something during the same night.

  • Don’t forget to send an email to your list about the event.

  • Don’t limit outreach to only people of color; the events are for communities and people of color AND the people who love them (friends, co-workers, etc.)

  • Make sure and ask people with large personal networks to send the event to their lists.

  • Don’t forget to use social media before, during and after event.

    • Find local influencers who can help you spread the word from month to month.

    • Make sure and let people know the hashtags and handle for the event are #WeAreYEBies #yebies & @YEBies

    • Make sure and take photos at the event and share them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.