A global community of change agents of color in or around non-profits, social enterprises, and education + allies. 
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We Are YEBies

A global community of change agents of color + allies.

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YEBies is run by millennials who see diversity and inclusion not only as tools, but as essential catalysts in evolving culture, connecting communities, and pushing critical thought. Initially created as a blog in the summer of 2008, YEBies’ primary intention was to detail the experiences of young people of color across various subcultures and regions of the African Diaspora.  

Always evolving to please our audience and impact the current social climate, YEBies has morphed into a community of change agents who are taking initiative to directly impact their communities. Through meaningful dialogue and action in the streets, YEBies is cultivating a dynamic, inclusive community. Highlighting successes as well as addressing the issues, concerns, and plight of minorities and their allies is a priority for YEBies.

Our mission is to connect change agents with incentivized opportunities to directly affect their communitiesEveryday people become change agents when they get involved and connect with one another through various volunteer opportunities, socials, and regional meet-ups. As we grow into a more global social enterprise, one of our foremost goals is to tap into the resources of the diverse communities in which we reside. Together we can change the world, together #WeAreYEBies

Why YEBies?


Connecting the Communities.

Connecting people and communities to organizations and individuals doing great work in their communities. We want to be more visible to each other and others in our local communities. We all know that familiar feeling of being one of a few or the only person of color in your workspace; there are often conversations about work that you just can't have. We're about having these conversations with other people of color and building a network of colleagues, associates and friends in your industries. 


Pay it forward

Proceeds from our clothing pieces, merchandise, and events go to the YEBies United Foundation (YUF) and its mission to create opportunities for minority and immigrant students to be better prepared to excel in a more diverse and innovative world. 


Inclusive Community

An inclusive community of change agents and the people who love and support them, their work, and their communities. Our events bring together people of color in and around non-profits, social work, social enterprises, education, and entrepreneurship along with their allies. YEBies is an excellent way for you to be more involved with each of these industries regardless of your current profession.  

We want you to join YEBies and:

  • Get involved locally with folks just like you who care!
  • Diversify the type of organizations you work and volunteer with!
  • Show that there are different ways to pay it forward!
  • Land new positions, make new friends & connections!
  • Enjoy tasty food and drink specials!


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Do I have to be Black?

YEBies is committed to bringing together people of color in non-profits, social work, social enterprises, and education (and our allies) in a innovative and inclusive community. We work collaboratively to help improve the communities we work and live in.  Our platforms are used to promote the visibility and inclusion of change agents of color on all fronts. If you work to move this mission forward, we want you with us, as part of the conversation and working on solutions. You don't have to be black to be in this community.  


How can "I" be a change agent?

The "I" in YEBies stands for individual. The success of YEBies rests with the individual. Before the community can change, the Individual must change. Changing our communities as a collective begins with empowering each person with a opportunity to be a change agent and directly affect their communities and improve minority representation in each of our cities. YEBies all over the country create and highlight volunteer opportunities and host Happy Hours that promote our mission. We create a culture of diversity and inclusion when we make spaces for ourselves and others to be influential in our change. We each have different levels of privilege in society. Those who have a larger share of privilege, can show allied support by making more spaces to elevate others with less. We all benefit when inclusion and diversity are factors when we hire people, finance projects, create opportunities, and share resources. Through a network of sharing tools and resources that will broaden each of our platforms, we promote change in society by moving our communities forward, together.



YEBies supports minorities in every area of the diaspora, however, we focus on working with organizations that specialize in access to quality food, educational resources, and functional neighborhood spaces.  We believe that improvement in these areas is essential to the strength and development of each of our communities. 


Minority Education

Greater educational opportunities for young people of color is a YEBies cornerstone. YEBies partners with organizations that increase high school graduation rates, as well as the number of qualified minority students applying, getting accepted to, and attending colleges and universities.   


Healthy Food Access

Data shows that there is a direct correlation between lack of a healthy, balanced diet and inability to achieve peak mental and physical performance. YEBies wants to work with organizations that help provide access to healthier options. 


Urban Renewal

Communal spaces and activities give residents opportunities to engage and collaborate with one another in their neighborhoods. By working at a local community garden or helping to clean up trash in a local park, we help our eco system as well as create access to old and new spaces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.